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Product Liability

Product liability is the area of law in which manufacturers, distributors, suppliers, and others who make products available to the public are held responsible for the injuries those products cause.

Product Liability

Our product liability litigation practice includes personal injury, property damage, and wrongful death litigation. Our firm represents designers, manufacturers, distributors, and sellers of a wide variety of different products. Our product liability attorneys advise companies regarding class action suits, product recalls, and multi-district litigation. This includes strategies for prevention of future product liability claims.

Product Liability

The lawyers of DeLashmet & Marchand, P.C. have experience in handling product liability litigation, including:

  • personal injury
  • property damage
  • wrongful death litigation

They have applied their expertise in the areas of law applying to designers, manufacturers, distributors, and/or sellers of a wide variety of different products.

DeLashmet & Marchand, P.C. have advised clients with respect to class actions, litigation arising out of product recalls, multi-district litigation, prevention of future product liability claims and general product liability litigation.